How to Win the sin?

Hi, I am Samuel Kingslin Kumar. A and I am an Engineer, Music Producer, and Author. Last day we discussed sin, This day We are going to dive deep into sin. You know to Sin the weapon of the devil and he used to trap the people to make them citizens of Hell. Sin is a danger that leads to a great disaster.

how to win the sin ?

                          How to Win the sin? When I was doing my engineering I used to travel a long distance to my college at that time. I used to pray inside my heart and Many time holy spirit start to teach me a lot. Sometimes I felt wow and Sometimes makes me think a lot. I used to spend my time in prayer at that time, Holyspirit started to teach about Sin and Holyspirit explain to me the way to escape from sin. God Said, Simple solution to escape from sin is, Just read the bible and pray is more than enough to escape from the sin. It maid What this will helps to escape from Sin? At that time God explained to me that, Many people reading the bible for name shake and some people even opening the bible and reading random verses. Let me tell you the secret, Then God explained to me How to Read the Bible? First, take a chapter and Meditated the chapter the whole day and mark the verse Which Speaks with you directly inside your heart, take the Promise, Suggestion from the bible and extract the Juice of the chapter and Hold it in your heart. This will help you to win the sin. Next God taught me about How to Pray? Pray for others surely your prayer will be answered. Then God taught me to pray for the nation and the problems of the nation. You should pray before Father God by representing for individual state and then pray for friends, family, and ministers of God, Missionary, and so on. Then God taught to pray in unknown Tongues by this way God starts to reveal many hidden secrets of the devil and the situation of the nation. This how you should pray and read the bible to escape from sin.

Let us Pray

My lovable heavenly father, I came before your holy presence oh God. Lord bless this day and Guide us with your suggestions. Lord, we kept our trust and hope in your lord and you are the only way for us because you crucified for our sin. Lord We humbles ourselves before you teach us more about How to read the bible and pray. Lord be with us and let the will of God Must be done in our life. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.