How sin enters into my life?

                    Praise the Lord, i greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ. Today I like to share a good news to you. Are you a sinner, Jesus Christ is ready to rescue you from sin. Let me share a true story. when I was doing my bachelor’s degree. I joined the Music Club. One of my friend, who was also a believer of Jesus Christ used to sing secular songs. I started to enquire him with questions like – “Which Church are you going to” and “How is your spiritual life?” He replied, I am singing  secular songs and I am a sinner, How God will forgive me. When started to share the gospel with him, he replied, “I am a sinner, and let me live sinful life for a few days and let me repent later”. Eventually he left the room. Are you living like this my friend?. My beloved in Christ, Don’t lead a life with uncertain things, Believe in Christ and Hold the hands of God. Surely you will find a tremendous change in your life.

how sin enter into my life

Sin look attractive like Gold, but it will deceive you. Careful

How sin enters our lives ?

1. Worldly things will give the greatest eagerness and urgency to commit sin.

2. When we start to taste the sin little by the little, end of the day we become addicted to sin.

3. Sin will give fear and frustration.

4. Failure life and SAD face expression will be found in you.

5. It will lead you to the peak of depression.

6. You’ll not know where to go, You will choose better to commit suicide.

7. You will end your life and you will become a member of Hell.

Do you know, Jesus Christ has born for you to rescue from sin ! 

He’s died for your sin and rose again to make you the citizen of heaven, Jesus is going to come – To judge us. Now it’s your choice you want to live like a sinner or Righteous man.

 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23

" I should lead a life as per the will of God, not as per my own will."

Let us Pray

Our lovable heavenly father, I came before your holy presence oh Lord, I love you Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and Father God. Lord help me to escape from all sinful thoughts and make me holy, make me worthy to stand before you. Lord be my master and lead my life as per your will. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen