Do you want Real Blessings or Reel Blessings ?

I greet you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I am Happy  to meet you again through small article, Today we going to discuss about How sin Turn into agony in your life? In our daily life we used to think a lot of things regarding our future and about to buy world things. Sometime we expected more and we receive very small, that may give thought Why God is not giving what I asked?. Do you have same question in your mind, Let me share a story, A very young boy, he love’s to hear song from iPod? He used to pray to God but he did not get one for his parents. One day he found iPod on the road while he was walking, suddenly holy spirit speaks in his heart “It’s Not Yours” , but he refused the took the iPod and Went happy to home. Next day morning a police man knocked at the door, his parents open the door and they were shocked. Police man explained the details of the incident and parents asked about the incident to the son, he said yes. He gave the iPod to the police man and police man gave the counseling to him.  He said, to the mom everything and he asked sorry to God and repented.  

Now, did you understand strategy of devil, if you pray to God about your needs and devil will try to deceive you  by giving  fake blessings. God known everything what you want and no need. Please wait  in the presence of God and Do as per the will of God.

real or fake blessing

Let us Pray

My heavenly father we came to your holy presence, Lord help us to escape from the sin and helps to lead holy life Lord. Lord blesses us and lead our life as per your life. Lord be with us and lead us as per your will. We pray in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Amen