Adam and eve fall into beautiful trap – ate the fruits.

Adam and eve fall into beautiful trap - ate the fruits.

Hi, I am Samuel kingslin kumar. A and I am an Author, Engineer, and Music producer. Today I like to solve a major question that why People of the earth love to do sin and what reason behind it? To understand the Sin Most Simplest way – it gives temporary pleasure and after that the great depression. We are going to discuss an in-detail manner as series. We are going to look in partially and as well as a reference from the bible. Let us Look at partial or from our day-to-day life, We meet our friend’s family and co-workers and we used to discuss a lot of things about life, family, problems, failures, errors, and so on. Imagine let us take a man’s name as Kriz, He loves to have fun and he is addicted to liquor. when you see him, first you will felt as jealous and next you will follow him to find the way How Did He Leads The Life With Fun? One day you will find the liquor gives fun and you will use it to have liquor and you will find ok. But after a few years, you will felt depressed, and finally, your fun life turns into depressed life. Many people will mock and t rebuke you. Your heart will give a call to die and we have no peace in our life. Let us End this Life. Hi, Brother stop, do you under the functionality of sin. Let me tell you, Sin is a beautiful Trap, If you fall into surely you will die and you will be in hell.​


Adam and eve fall into beautiful trap - ate the fruits

"Sin is Beautiful and it gives hell to live"

Bible says ” Do not look at wine when it is red when it sparkles in the cup and goes down smoothly. In the end it bites like a serpent and stings like an adder Proverbs 23: 31 – 32 “. My dear relation within Jesus Christ, sin is sin and sin give dead, Sin will lead you hell. Be careful while you are walking and avoid the sinful pit. Live the life with the standards of the bible and it will lead to living a holy life. Remember Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savoir of this Earth. Trust Jesus Christ and Walk with Jesus.

Let us Prayer

My lovable Jesus Christ, Lord help me to lead a life with righteousness and holiness. Lord be with me and guide my how to overcome the sin and unworthy worldly things. Lord hold my hands and be the master of my life. Let thy will should be done in my life. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


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